Madison, Wisconsin

The city of Madison, Wisconsin is a member of the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium (SPC). Madison has a sweatfree procurement policy that applies to apparel purchasing, and in 2014 Madison executed a cooperative / piggyback contract for uniforms that required bidders to submit information about factory location, wages, and hours, and that obliged the awarded contractor to submit a compliance plan and submit to independent monitoring, among other requirements. Documents related to Madison’s incorporation of human rights considerations in apparel procurement generally and documents related to the uniform contract are provided below.

Madison’s Sweatfree Procurement Policy: Legal and Policy Documents 

  • Madison’s Sweatfree Procurement Ordinance (General Ordinance 4.25), available here.
  • Sample Compliance Form – Bidder Disclosure Statement, available here.

Madison’s 2014 Uniform Contract

  • Request for Proposals, available here.
  •  Bidder disclosure statement and assurance of intent and capacity to submit compliance plan (appendices to request for proposals), available here.
  • Sample compliance scoring worksheet and sample vendor sweatfree compliance plan (appendices to request for proposals), available here.
  • Questions and Answers on sweatfree requirements, available here.
  • Executed Cooperative / Piggyback Uniform Contract, available here. 

Additional resources

  • Slides from a presentation on Madison’s 2014 uniform contract are available here.