Guidance Tool for Contracting Private Military and Security Services


DCAF has released a guidance tool entitled “A Contract Guidance Tool for Private Military and Security Services: Promoting Accountability and Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law” (Contract Guidance Tool).

The Contract Guidance Tool draws on leading international norms and standards to reflect the principles of responsible procurement and contracting practices, and provides clear and practical guidelines for national contracting officers or procurement specialists. By translating knowledge and research into a practical and easy-to-use format, the Contract Guidance Tool provides implementation support for those individuals drafting, implementing, and monitoring contracts with PMSCs.

 The Contract Guidance Tool is composed of two distinct sections:

  1. Part 1 covers the bidding and selection process, and is complemented by a checklist that users can consult when undertaking a bidding and selection process of potential PSMC contractors.
  2. Part 2 offers guidance on the drafting of the contract itself. It includes an explanatory note and a model contract that reflects internationally recognized good practices, which can be adapted by the client as appropriate to context and needs.

The Contract Guidance Tool is available for download here and can also be accessed on DCAF’s website here.