Apparel Hub Presentation at the 2016 Summit of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Washington, D.C. –  25 May 2016

Robert Stumberg of the Harrison Institute, Nicole Vander Meulen of ICAR, and Bjorn Claeson of Electronics Watch presented on public procurement and human rights at the 2016 Summit of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. The presentation, entitled Smoke, Suicide, and Slavery: The Social in Sustainability, highlighted the risk of human rights abuses in three key sectors (including apparel), outlined the need for effective practices that governments can share with (and learn from) each other (focusing on practices in risk assessment and transparency), pointed to the natural experiments where effective practices are being tested, and provided information about the Learning Lab and Electronics Watch.

The Power Point slides from the presentation are available here.

ICAR and the Harrison Institute also led an “Accelerator Session,” which involved three small roundtable discussions with Summit attendees. The accelerator session took a deeper dive into the “social” side of sustainability introduced by the panel on Smoke, Suicide, and Slavery. With a focus on the apparel sector, this roundtable identified the components of two procurement practices—risk assessment and transparency—and pointed to lessons being learned from natural experiments in the apparel sector, including the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium, the Accord/Alliance in Bangladesh, industry standards and audits, and U.S. government transparency laws, among others.

The handout from the accelerator session can be found here.