10YFP SPP Working Group on Public Procurement and Human Rights

ICAR and DIHR will jointly coordinate a new Working Group on Public Procurement and Human Rights as part of the UN’s 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production’s Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement (10YFP SPP). The 10YFP SPP is a global multi-stakeholder platform that supports the implementation of sustainable public procurement around the world.

The Working Group falls under 10YFP SPP Work Area 4a: Promoting Supply Chains’ Sustainability. The objectives of the Working Group include:

  • Convening members of the International Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights’ network with 10YFP SPP partners to facilitate knowledge-sharing, peer learning, and dissemination of tools and guidance;
  • Raising awareness of good practice in private sector human rights due diligence and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience related to due diligence between the private and public sector; and
  • Producing a new toolkit for practitioners to operationalize human rights in public purchasing.
For more information or to get involved in the Working Group, please contact Nicole Vander Meulen (Nicole@icar.ngo).