The Key to Sustainable Purchasing – Radical Supply Chain Transparency

This webinar was presented to managers of university procurement in November of 2017.  There are three presenters:
  • Sam Hummel, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council – Sam introduces human rights as the “social” dimension of sustainable purchasing and how universities provided leadership for respecting human rights in the context of licensed apparel.  Based on personal experience, he encourages students to engage with university procurement professionals.  As a group, universities are well-positioned to play a leadership role as purchasers from global supply chains.
  • Robert Stumberg, Georgetown University Law Center – Universities cannot manage or influence a supply chain that they do not know.  Robert provides a working definition of transparency and explains how it provides the essential knowledge, without which there is no way to hold suppliers accountable for abusive treatment of workers down their supply chains. Using US government procurement of apparel as an example, he also shows how students and university administrators can map their customary supply chains and assess their risk of human rights abuses.  He concludes with the first steps–or next steps–that universities can take to become more transparent.
  • Diana Sheedy, Intercollegiate Coalition Against Modern Slavery – Diana shares the recent progress that her student-led coalition is making towards uniting university campuses on the need for codes of conduct to respect human rights in university procurement and the importance of transparency for universities to know and show their commitment to oppose modern slavery.

The webinar recording can be accessed here.

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