Learning Lab and Learning Lab Participants Submit Written Evidence to the U.K. Joint Committee on Human Rights’ (JCHR) Inquiry on Business and Human Rights

The Learning Lab and two Learning Lab participants sent submissions to the U.K. Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR), in response to a call for for written evidence for the JCHR’s inquiry on business and human rights. The submissions focus on human rights and public procurement in the U.K., and provide recommendations for steps the U.K. government should take to align its public purchasing with the State duty to protect. The Learning Lab sent one submission, the London Universities Purchasing Consortium sent a second submission, and ICAR sent the third, which focused on public procurement of apparel. All three submissions are available for download below.

Learning Lab Submission to the U.K. JCHR

LUPC Submission to the U.K. JCHR

ICAR Submission to the U.K. JCHR

The final report of the JCHR was released in April 2017, and can be accessed here.