Learning Lab Submission to the UN Working Group’s Open Multi-stakeholder Consultation on the State as an Economic Actor

On September 28, 2017 the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights convened an open multi-stakeholder consultation on “The State as an economic actor: the role of economic diplomacy tools to promote business respect for human rights.” The input that was received during this consultation will feed into the Working Group’s 2018 report to the Human Rights Council on Guiding Principle 4, which focuses on the State-business nexus. More specifically, this report will focus on the role States can play in strengthening business respect for human rights through the agencies that provide benefits and services to business entities within their jurisdiction. More information about the consultation process can be found here.

In addition to sending a representative of the Learning Lab to attend the consultation in person, ICAR, DIHR, and the BHRE provided written input on public procurement and human rights on behalf of the Learning Lab. The submission consisted of two documents. The first was a cover letter that provided a summary of our key recommendations.  The second was a report on the role of the State as a buyer under Guiding Principle 6, which was prepared by Claire Methven O’Brien (DIHR) and Olga Martin-Ortega (BHRE).

The cover letter can be downloaded here.

The report on the role of the State as a buyer under Guiding Principle 6 can be downloaded here.