The International Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights was established by the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable, the Harrison Institute for Public Law at Georgetown University, and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The Learning Lab aims to be a network of central and local government procurement agencies and purchasing officers; representatives of other relevant government bodies, such as ministries; procurement professional associations; regional and international organizations; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); national human rights institutions (NHRIs); and relevant academics. A visual display of the Learning Lab’s network, and the network of each thematic hub can be downloaded here.

The Learning Lab’s global network will be a platform and mechanism for:

  1. experience-sharing among procurement actors on approaches to integrating respect for human rights;
  2. generating knowledge about public procurement law and policy and human rights;
  3. producing and disseminating tools and guidance to build capacity to integrate human rights issues among procurement professionals; and
  4. promoting coherence between procurement and human rights in international and regional frameworks and initiatives.

The Learning Lab’s work is divided into four “hubs,” namely, electronics, apparel, international financial institutions, and private security. Each hub is led by an organization with relevant expertise, which will contribute research and tools that will be disseminated via the Learning Lab’s network.

Steering Committee Members & Project Co-leads:

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Other Steering Committee Members Include:

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